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Our Master Class will: 
  • Prioritize your list of resolutions
  • Provide actionable items to execute your resolutions
  • Develop skills to maintain your resolutions
Resolutions are forms of change and we're YOUR change experts.


We help you prepare and support your employees for any type of change you've initiated by partnering with you to:
- Prepare
- Plan
- Implement
- Maintain



Our firm helps organizations navigate all things Organizational Design.

We help you hone your skills, abilities and knowledge to lead your teams to success and growth through: 
- Trainings
- Coaching sessions
- Team Building


We are your best partner to assess your current performance system and enhance your program by:
- Evaluating your the performance process
- Clarifying program expectations
- Define an effective metric system
- Develop an effective rewards program


Change Management

Leadership Development

Performance Management

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Our firm leverages years of experience in Organizational Design, Leadership and Talent Development, as well as the ever important, Change Management and Communications strategy to guide your business to success. We specialize in start-ups, growing or recently merged & acquired companies struggling to define key roles or streamline business processes and policies to support their target markets. We will guide you through Cultural Identification and/or Transformation, talent development and succession planning. We look forward to helping you define your organization's strategic path forward, coach your leadership team and clarify your culture to ensure your business’ growth potential.

We are Mikhail Consulting Group


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You are in the right place if...

You're experiencing any form of change

You want to develop your leadership team

Your employee engagement is important 

Your organizational culture is paramount

You need to effectively communicate to your organization



The change audit will help guide you through the logic of change. 
Download your free copy now.

Change Guidebook

Purchase your Change Guidebook here. Avoid the pitfalls & implement the best practices of those who've changed before you!

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"I have had the pleasure of working with Christine Mikhail as an employee of PDR and as an independent consultant. Christine is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is passionate about her work – helping people and organizations accelerate their success. As a life-long learner, Christine is constantly seeking new knowledge, information and processes that improve her work."

Lauri Lampson | CEO OF Planning Design Research

"Working with Christine has undeniably been transformational for me. Her ability to show up to each session with curiosity and enthusiasm is unrivalled. Not only does Christine care so deeply about what she does she is committed to making a difference for her clients and it shows so much through the sessions that we have. It has been my pleasure to work with Christine and there is a huge hole in my diary and heart where she was."

Kirsty raynor | CEO kirsty raynor

"Thank you for stepping into our organization and helping us get to a really good place. We would still be searching had it not been for you. You came with a great energy and a wonderful attitude to get us back to the office! We are grateful for your expertise and can't wait to work with you again!"

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