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we are mikhail consulting group

A consultancy focused solely on Organizational Psychology. We partner with organizations with the goal(s) to:   
  - design & implement strategic plans
  - successfully adopt change
  - enhance talent development programs
  - curate engaging company cultures

Organizational Change made us popular

Our story...

mikhail consulting group | FOUNDEd in 2020

Our firm launched during the height of the pandemic. We recognized a need in the market for assistance with change. Our clients were not only facing uncertainty with the health and safety of their employees, but they were adamant about getting insights and professional assistance with a new way of working... "Work from Home". Mikhail Consulting Group was launched and we have since helped countless organizations get back to the office, several companies successfully change their organizational structures and a dozen CEOs with weekly executive coaching.
We thrive in organizations that are experiencing change because we guide them through the forest and into the clearing! 

Large scale Change

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leadership development

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We're your ANSWER

I successfully received a Masters degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology

Our founder, Christine Mikhail, has over 15 years' experience in Organizational Design & Strategy.  She is both PROSCI and SHRM-CP Certified and specializes in the success of change. She worked with technology companies to adopt the change of work. Christine also worked with Luxury Retailers on talent Training and Development programs which increased sales by 25%. Christine also acts as an  Executive Coach to several CEOs of large and growing companies. 


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"I have had the pleasure of working with Christine Mikhail as an employee of PDR and as an independent consultant. Christine is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is passionate about her work – helping people and organizations accelerate their success. As a life-long learner, Christine is constantly seeking new knowledge, information and processes that improve her work."

Lauri Lampson | CEO OF Planning Design Research

"Working with Christine has undeniably been transformational for me. Her ability to show up to each session with curiosity and enthusiasm is unrivalled. Not only does Christine care so deeply about what she does she is committed to making a difference for her clients and it shows so much through the sessions that we have. It has been my pleasure to work with Christine and there is a huge hole in my diary and heart where she was."

Kirsty raynor | CEO kirsty raynor

"Thank you for stepping into our organization and helping us get to a really good place. We would still be searching had it not been for you. You came with a great energy and a wonderful attitude to get us back to the office! We are grateful for your expertise and can't wait to work with you again!"

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