+ Receive 6 weekly sessions themed to educate & understand change
+ Engage with a supportive & safe environment of group coaching sessions
+ Attend sessions designed to curate growth & adaptation
+ Interact with a tailored group working & supporting each other
+ ONLY 12 people per session to ensure that EACH PERSON feels heard

Navigating Continuous Change: The Course

This specially designed six-week course was spawned out of the continuous, uncontrollable change we face everyday. We have all experienced a large scale change in recent years, from a global pandemic, to economic declines and political shifts... this workshop gives YOU control to the changes in your life!

In this course you will:

Thoughtful CHANGE


Now enrolling for April 2024

Conclusion of "Navigating Continuous Change": Adoption

week #6


week #5

Address CHANGE Frustration

week #4

Ability / Energy

week #3

Releasing Resistance

week #2

Intro to "Curate YOUR Change": Doubt

week #1

Some really cool features I want to highlight about this product

We open the course with discussing the importance of change; this week will switch your mindset from doubt to inevitability.

Humans are creatures of habit and therefore do NOT like change; this week you'll learn how to let go of that resistance.

This week we will focus developing the ability to energize you to address the change.

Sometimes we are frustrated with the componenets of change. This week you will build skills to respond to this frustration.

The goals of this week will provide you skills to adapt quicker, responding more positively to regular change.

We will close out the course this week with skills to adopt to ANY change occuring in your life.

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